About Me

Amar Jyoti – Critically acclaimed PUNJABI AUTHOR & POET WHOSE WORK HAS BEEN TRANSLATED IN DUTCH, ENGLISH & VARIOUS INDIAN LANGUAGES. A reputed Punjabi author and poet who migrated from Chandigarh (India) to Amsterdam in The Netherlands in 1982. She then relocated to London (UK) in 2009 where she resides at present.

She completed her Masters in Punjabi literature and obtained her PhD on Nation, Identity and Diaspora in Surinamese Poetry. She has published sixteen books which include poetry, prose, research work and children’s literature. Her work has been translated in Dutch, English and in various Indian languages. It has also been included in Dutch journals and publications.

She has edited various magazines as well as books and has also translated Dutch literature into Punjabi. She collaborated with Dutch writers to launch Amber magazine which is a literary publication comprising of work by Dutch & Punjabi writers translated in English and aims to bridge the gap between Dutch and Punjabi literature. Her work extends to multimedia as she has produced and presented programmes for Radio Indian Time and Radio Voice of Asia in Amsterdam and has been invited on Dutch and English television programmes.

Amar Jyoti has been invited as a guest speaker at literary conferences held in Europe, India, Pakistan, Canada and America.

She has been honoured with various awards including the prestigious “Shiromani Punjabi Sahitkaar” (awarded by State of Punjab’s language department -India) and International awards from The Netherlands, Canada, UK and India.

Apart from reading and writing she enjoys listening to Sufi music and to Ghazals, painting and travelling.